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OpenBB Terminal

All our products are Free and Open-Source (FOSS).

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OpenBB Terminal


Fully written in python which is one of the most used programming languages due to its simplified syntax and shallow learning curve. It is the first time in history that users - regardless of their background - can so easily add features to an investment research platform.

Open Source and Transparency

The MIT Open Source license allows any user to fork the project to either add features to the broader community or create their own customized terminal version.

Importing and Exporting data

The terminal allows for users to import their own proprietary datasets to use on our econometric menu. In addition, users are allowed to export any type of data to any type of format whether that is raw data in Excel or an image in PNG. This is ideal for finance content creation.

Automatic notebook reports

Create notebook templates (through papermill) which can be run on different tickers. This level of automation allows to speed up the development of your investment thesis and reduce human error.

GST API and Customizable notebook reports

Use our OpenBB Terminal environment to access raw data through a Jupyter notebook and play with it accordingly. Or just create customizable notebook reports for your colleagues and friends doing research on a particular asset or a macro economic event impact on said asset. The possibilities are endless.

Advanced user and routines

Navigate through 500+ terminal features using fast shortcuts and leverage auto-complete functionality. Jump from looking into your portfolio to compare the financials of those companies in a few seconds. Leverage our routines implementation to run analysis while you drink your coffee/tea.

Financial Chatting Bot

Discord, Telegram, Slack and GroupMe integration

The only cross-platform financial chatting bot to accommodate for your already existing groups/chats/servers.

Investment data should be OS agnostic

This bot will allow to access the terminal features using any type of device. From mobile phone to tablet and computer.

Use bot for your own investment research

If you don’t want to engage with the bot in an open-server setting, you can message the bot directly and interact with data on a more private setting.

Customize the bot to your needs

The bot also benefits from an MIT Open Source license, which means that you can customize it according to your needs and include proprietary features.