Btc Supply

To obtain charts, make sure to add chart=True as the last parameter

Get underlying data

crypto.onchain.btc_supply() -> pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

Returns BTC circulating supply [Source:]

    BTC circulating supply

Getting charts

crypto.onchain.btc_supply(start_date: int = 1262304000, end_date: int = 1663943882, export: str = ‘’, external_axes: Optional[List[matplotlib.axes._axes.Axes]] = None, chart=True) -> None

Returns BTC circulating supply [Source:]

start_date : int
    Initial date timestamp (e.g., 1_609_459_200)
until : int
    End date timestamp (e.g., 1_641_588_030)
export : str
    Export dataframe data to csv,json,xlsx file
external_axes : Optional[List[plt.Axes]], optional
    External axes (1 axis is expected in the list), by default None