To obtain charts, make sure to add chart=True as the last parameter

Get underlying data

crypto.ov.cgcategories(sort_filter: str = ‘market_cap_desc’) -> pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

Returns top crypto categories [Source: CoinGecko]

   Rank, Name, Change_1h, Change_7d, Market_Cap, Volume_24h,Coins, Url

Getting charts

crypto.ov.cgcategories(sortby: str = ‘market_cap_desc’, limit: int = 15, export: str = ‘’, pie: bool = False, chart=True) -> None

Shows top cryptocurrency categories by market capitalization

The cryptocurrency category ranking is based on market capitalization. [Source: CoinGecko]

sortby: str
    Key by which to sort data
limit: int
    Number of records to display
export: str
    Export dataframe data to csv,json,xlsx file
pie: bool
    Whether to show the pie chart