To obtain charts, make sure to add chart=True as the last parameter

Get underlying data

crypto.ov.cghm(limit: int = 250, category: str = ‘’, sortby=‘Symbol’) -> pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

Get N coins from CoinGecko [Source: CoinGecko]

limit: int
    Number of top coins to grab from CoinGecko
sortby: str
    Key to sort data

    N coins

Getting charts

crypto.ov.cghm(category: str = ‘’, limit: int = 15, export: str = ‘’, external_axes: Optional[List[matplotlib.axes._axes.Axes]] = None, chart=True) -> None

Shows cryptocurrencies heatmap [Source: CoinGecko]

caterogy: str
    Category (e.g., stablecoins). Empty for no category (default: )
limit: int
    Number of top cryptocurrencies to display
export: str
    Export dataframe data to csv,json,xlsx
external_axes : Optional[List[plt.Axes]], optional
    External axes (1 axis is expected in the list), by default None