usage: ad [--open] [-h] [--export {csv,json,xlsx,png,jpg,pdf,svg}]

The Accumulation/Distribution Line is similar to the On Balance Volume (OBV), which sums the volume times +1/-1 based on whether the close is higher than the previous close. The Accumulation/Distribution indicator, however multiplies the volume by the close location value (CLV). The CLV is based on the movement of the issue within a single bar and can be +1, -1 or zero. The Accumulation/Distribution Line is interpreted by looking for a divergence in the direction of the indicator relative to price. If the Accumulation/Distribution Line is trending upward it indicates that the price may follow. Also, if the Accumulation/Distribution Line becomes flat while the price is still rising (or falling) then it signals an impending flattening of the price.

optional arguments:
  --open                uses open value of stock (default: False)
  -h, --help            show this help message (default: False)
  --export {csv,json,xlsx,png,jpg,pdf,svg}
                        Export raw data into csv, json, xlsx and figure into png, jpg, pdf, svg (default: )