This menu aims to contain several commands that are available to a user through his Degiro account.

In order to be able to use these, just ensure you connect to your degiro account by typing login first.


In order to login you need to update config file with the following credentials:

Parameter Description
DG_USERNAME Username used to log into Degiro’s website.
DG_PASSWORD Password used to log into Degiro’s website.

This can either be done manually or through the keys menu.


In order to use 2FA you need to update config file.

We provide 2 alternatives:

  1. Manually typing the OneTimePassword each time you login. To do this, after setting your credentials as explained above, go to sub-menu portfolio/bro/degiro and type login -otp OneTimePassword. OneTimePassword is the secret key generated by your authenticator.

  2. Automatically generate your OneTimePassword. No need to manually input it again.

Parameter Description
DG_TOTP_SECRET This secret key will let OpenBB terminal generate the OneTimePassword for you.

If you provide your DG_TOTP_SECRET, you won’t have to type your OneTimePassword, OpenBB terminal will generate it for you at each connection.

DG_TOTP_SECRET is the text representation of the QRCODE that Degiro’s provide you when you enable 2FA.

More information on 2FA credentials, in the documentation of the degiro-connector library.