usage: exe [-f PATH] [-i ROUTINE_ARGS] [-h]

The .openbb scripts offer the ability to automatically run a set of commands in the form of a routine. Furthermore, the scripts can be adapted, and documented, at any moment giving the user full control over the type of analysis you wish to do (and repeat). This can fundamental research, understanding market movements, finding hidden gems and even doing advanced statistical/econometric research.

optional arguments:
  -f PATH, --file PATH  The path or .openbb file to run. (default: )
                        Select multiple inputs to be replaced in the routine and separated by commas. E.g. GME,AMC,BTC-USD (default: None)
  -h, --help            show this help message (default: False)

An example of a script can be the following (inside a .openbb file):

# Go into the econometrics context

# Load the wage_panel dataset and include an alias
load wage_panel -a wp

# Set the MultiIndex, allowing for Panel regressions to be performed
index wp -i nr,year

# Change the type of the year column so it can be included as time effects within the regressions
type wp.year --format category

# Perform a Pooled OLS, Random Effects and Fixed Effects estimation
panel -d wp.lwage -i wp.black,wp.hisp,wp.exper,wp.expersq,wp.married,wp.educ,wp.union,wp.year
panel -d wp.lwage -i wp.black,wp.hisp,wp.exper,wp.expersq,wp.married,wp.educ,wp.union,wp.year -r re
panel -d wp.lwage -i wp.expersq,wp.union,wp.married,wp.year -r fe

# Compare the results obtained from these regressions