Introduction to the Due Diligence Menu

The Due Diligence submenu, located within the Stocks menu, is primarily for supplementing fundamental analysis with information such as:

  • Analyst ratings and price targets over time
  • Earnings estimates
  • SEC filings
  • Business-to-business customers and suppliers
  • What kind of trades, if any, ARK is involved in with the loaded ticker.

To use all features in this menu, two (free) API keys must be obtained. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for instructions on storing API keys in the Terminal.

Entering the submenu requires having a ticker loaded from the Stocks menu. With a stock selected, type dd into the command line and press enter.

The Due Diligence submenu

How to use the Due Diligence Menu

With the same company, as loaded above, sec -l 20 prints a table of the last twenty SEC filings from the company, and provides a link to a hosted document on MarketWatch.

Printing the last twenty SEC filings of CF Industries

pt displays a chart of historical adjusted closing prices and price targets. pt --raw prints a table, pt --export xlsx exports a spreadsheet, while pt -l [n] limits the number of price targets to return to n.

Historical price targets for CF Industries

A new ticker can be loaded directly from the Due Diligence submenu; for example, load tsla


With $TSLA loaded, arktrades -l 20, shows the last twenty trades across all ARK funds.

Last twenty Tesla trades across all ARK funds

Export the history of $HOOD trades for further analysis. arktrades --export xlsx

Robinhood trades across all ARK funds, exported

est displays futures earnings estimates.

Hood quarterly earnings estimates

Hood annual earnings estimates


Analyst coverage of Hood

Always do your own Due Diligence! To run a demo in the OpenBB Terminal of the features discussed here, launch the routine from the Main Menu by entering: exe routines/dd_demo.openbb in the command line and hitting enter. Click here to go back to Stocks.