Introduction to Stocks Discovery

The set of features within the Stocks Discovery submenu provides tools for discovering trade setups, for following trends, and for staying up with current events. Enter the menu from the stocks menu by typing, disc, and pressing, ENTER (⏎). Absolute path jumping is possible from anywhere, to anywhere. For example, jumping from the Portfolio Optimization submenu to the Stocks Discovery submenu:

Absolute path jumping to the Stocks Discovery submenu

To use all commands in the Discovery menu, the following (free) API keys are required:

See the Getting Started Guide for setting API keys in the OpenBB Terminal.

How to use

The help dialogue, for any command, is displayed by attaching, -h, to the string; i.e., divcal -h. This menu will be one of the easiest to get comfortable with a command-line interface. All outputs from commands in this menu are text and tables. There are no charts or images generated. Exports, where available, can be formatted as csv, json, or xlsx files. Watch this short demonstration of all features in this menu:

Discovery Menu Demonstration Video


The dividend calendar can show any single date.

(🦋) /stocks/disc/ $ divcal -d 2022-06-02 -l 25

The 25 biggest dividend payments with an ex-div date of June 2, 2022

See Cathie Wood’s trades and sort by different fields such as Fund, weighting, buy-only, or sell-only.

Cathie Wood's trades

Check the upcoming earnings schedule using, upcoming:

Upcoming earnings calendar

Browse the news by category from Seeking Alpha with cnews:

News headlines by category