2022 Aug 29, 13:38 (🦋) /stocks/disc/ $ heatmap -h
usage: heatmap [-t {day,week,month,3month,6month,year,ytd}] [-h] [--export EXPORT]

Get the SP 500 heatmap from finviz and display in interactive treemap.

  -t {day,week,month,3month,6month,year,ytd}, --timeframe {day,week,month,3month,6month,year,ytd}
                        Timeframe to get heatmap data for (default: day)
  -h, --help            show this help message (default: False)
  --export EXPORT       Export raw data into csv, json, xlsx (default: )

For more information and examples, use 'about heatmap' to access the related guide.