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Introduction to the Insider Trading Menu

The Insider Trading Menu has two general purposes:

  • A stock screener for SEC Form 4 filings.
  • Researching individual companies for executive and director transactions.

Navaigate to the Insider Trading submenu from the stocks menu by typing ins and pressing enter. The features in this menu function only for companies registered with the SEC, that also trade in public markets.

Insider Trading Menu

How to use the Insider Trading Menu

The menu is contains three groups of functions for:

  • Setting, viewing presets for the filter, and screening.
  • Using with individual stocks.
  • Filtering all submitted SEC Form 4 records by defined metrics.

The last of these groups encompasses the majority of commands in the Insider Trading submenu. They are for scanning the entire market based on the description listed next to the command.

lcb - Latest cluster buys:

Latest Cluster Buys

With the --export argument attached, data from this menu can be exported as CSV, JSON, or XLSX files.

lit - Latest insider trades from all filings:

Latest Insider Trades

tispm - Top insider sales from the last month:

Top insider sales from the last month

view will list the available presets to use as a screener. The screener uses .ini files which can be modified by the user to create custom presets. Find them in the local installation folder, under: ~/OpenBB/openbb_terminal/stocks/insider/presets/. The default preset is whales, which targets trades over $500K in the last two weeks. Other included presets are for scanning individual industries as a group.

The set command is used to select a preset. Autocomplete will assist the user and the arrow keys can be used to make a choice. Use the file template.ini to build a custom preset. Changes made to an existing .ini file will be effective the next time the filter command is run.

Set Command

filter will screen based on the selected preset.

Filter Command

With a ticker loaded the stats, act, and lins commands are available.

Stats Command with RKT loaded


Using the Retail-Trade preset:

Retail Trade Screener

Using the Guided-Missiles preset:

Guided Missiles Screener

act shows recent trading activity plotted with the price:

Insider trading activity and Price of TSLA

The latest purchases from insiders of penny stock companies:

Last Penny Stock Insider Purchases

Run exe insider_demo.openbb, from the Main Menu, to play a demonstration of the features in the OpenBB Terminal.

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