Introduction to the Stock Screener

The Stock Screener is a diverse tool for discovery. Screeners are typically deployed in the preliminary phase of research; they provide creative methods for finding individual companies meeting the criteria of the investment thesis. There are categories of statistics to use as metrics to sort the criteria defined in the preset file. The preset files are .ini files stored locally in the application folder: ~\Applications\OpenBB\openbb_terminal\stocks\screener\presets\ and they can be modified in any text editor. Create custom presets and share them with the world!

Get to the Stock Screener from the Stocks menu by typing scr and then pressing enter

The Stock Screener submenu

How to use the Stock Screener

The default preset is top_gainers. Use the commands view and set to select a new one. The file in the presets folder, template.ini, is a blank slate for creating something fresh. Modify individual parameters within the different presets to get more precision from a starting point. To get started, simply choose one of the categories to scour, like technical.

Unusual Volume preset and the Technical category

The columns can be sorted with the optional argument -s, and autocomplete will present a list of choices.

Sorting results

To see a description of each preset, use view, and autocomplete will allow the user to scroll presets with the arrow keys to set the choice.

Autocomplete with the set function

Unexpected results can be obtained through combining presets with the category of screen.


Using the modified_dremin preset and the financial category, then sorting for return-on-investment.

modified_dremin preset with the financial category

Setting the preset to short_squeeze_scan and scanning with the ownership category.

Short squeeze scan and the ownership category

set triangle_ascending, show techincal & overview

triangle_ascending preset with technical and overview categories

Enter exe stock_screener_demo.openbb from the main menu to play a demonstration of the Stock Screener in the Terminal.

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